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Back Issues

The RJP was available as a printed journal until issue 13, when it moved to being on-line only. Issues 1-12 are available for download in their entirety in their original format as PDF version files. Alternatively, all articles can be viewed individually on-line by clicking on the article title or can be downloaded as PDF version files by clicking on "PDF version" with the right mouse-button and selecting "Save As".

Issue 1 (Summer 2002) - download the whole issue here
Are You Ever Irrational?  [PDF version]
David Pugmire
Aristotle's Ethics: How Being Good Can Make You Happy  [PDF version]
Roger Crisp
Kant's Normative Ethics  [PDF version]
Brad Hooker
Is Your Mind Your Brain?  [PDF version]
Alan Thomas
Can We Trust Our Emotions?  [PDF version]
Peter Goldie
Song Got Wrong  [PDF version]
Aaron Ridley
Issue 2 (Autumn 2002) - download the whole issue here
Knowing One's Mind  [PDF version]
William Child
What is in a Paradigm?  [PDF version]
Alexander Bird
Plato and the Institution of Philosophy  [PDF version]
Keith Crome
On Quine  [PDF version]
Arif Ahmed
Trying to Subjugate the Infinite  [PDF version]
Adrian Moore
Did you Hear the One about the Philosopher Writing a Book on Humour?  [PDF version]
Simon Critchley
Issue 3 (Spring 2003) - download the whole issue here
The Knowledge Argument  [PDF version]
Frank Jackson
The World in View  [PDF version]
Michael Luntley
On the Ontological Argument  [PDF version]
Stephen Grant
On Billiard Balls: David Hume Against the Mechanists  [PDF version]
James Hill
On Scientific Realism  [PDF version]
Pierre Cruse
Realism, Reference & Possible Worlds: the Approach via Modal Logic  [PDF version]
Christopher Norris
Issue 4 (Summer 2003) - download the whole issue here
On Free Will  [PDF version]
Galen Strawson
Numbers and Ideas  [PDF version]
John Burgess
Identity and Attribution in the Trinity  [PDF version]
Chris Hughes
Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil: "Why Insist on the Truth?"  [PDF version]
Clare Carlisle
Individualism in the Social Sciences  [PDF version]
Paul Sheehy
Evil, Freedom and Responsibility: An essay on Kant's Moral Philosophy  [PDF version]
Joaquim Siles i Borras
Issue 5 (Autumn 2003) - download the whole issue here
Confusions about Consciousness  [PDF version]
David Papineau
John Stuart Mill on Freedom of Discussion  [PDF version]
Will Cartwright
Language: A Dialogue  [PDF version]
John Collins
Thinking about Zombies  [PDF version]
Paul Sperring
Despair, Liberation and Everyday Life: Two Bundle Views of Personal Identity  [PDF version]

Kathy Behrendt
Anti-Realism, Scepticism and the Limits of Sense  [PDF version]
Christopher Norris
Issue 6 (Spring 2004) - download the whole issue here
Criticism, Renewal and the Future of Metaphysics  [PDF version]
Peter Simons
Two Approaches to Moral Responsibility  [PDF version]
Garrath Williams
The Philosophy of Sleep: The Views of Descartes, Locke and Leibniz  [PDF version]

James Hill
A Note on the Puzzle of Trust  [PDF version]
Paul Sheehy
Why the Philosopher Returns to the Cave  [PDF version]
D J Sheppard
On Language, Truth and Logic  [PDF version]
Pierre Cruse
Issue 7 (Summer 2004) - download the whole issue here
What does a Liberal Society demand of its citizens?  [PDF version]
Alan Thomas
What People will do: Personality and Prediction  [PDF version]
Peter Goldie
Two Approaches to Moral Responsibility Part II  [PDF version]
Garrath Williams
Sexual Desire: Some Philosophical Reflections  [PDF version]
Christopher Hamilton
The Problems of Vagueness  [PDF version]
Mat Carmody
Scientific Knowledge: Truth, Induction and Falsification  [PDF version]
Jennifer Booth
Issue 8 (Autumn 2004) - download the whole issue here
Family Life  [PDF version]
Dan O'Brien
Descartes' Dreaming Argument and why we might be sceptical of it  [PDF version]

James Hill
Nietzsche and the Problem of History  [PDF version]
Mark Sinclair
Should we give up on Reductive Physicalism?  [PDF version]
Paul Sperring
Two Aspects of Emergence  [PDF version]
Peter Wyss
Reply to Peter Wyss  [PDF version]
Sam Coleman
Issue 9 (Spring 2005) - download the whole issue here
The Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God  [PDF version]
Gerry J Hughes
On Socrates and Sophistry  [PDF version]
Keith Crome
Truth as the Way to Meaning  [PDF version]
Janne Mantykoski
Talking about God  [PDF version]
Steve Grant
Ethics, Autonomy, and the Grounds of Belief: views from the "two traditions"  [PDF version]
Christopher Norris
Issue 10 (Summer 2005) - download the whole issue here
Descartes, God and the Eternal Truths  [PDF version]
Paul Sperring
In Praise of Fudge: Euthanasia and the Law  [PDF version]
Christopher Cowley
Plato's Critique of Democracy  [PDF version]
D J Sheppard
The Puzzle of Non-existence  [PDF version]
Niall Connolly
Hume's Sentimentalism: What - Not Who - Should have the Final Word?  [PDF version]
Elisabeth Schellekens
Issue 11 (Winter 2005) - download the whole issue here
Descartes' Evil Demon  [PDF version]
Keith Crome
Thought and Language - Exploring the Terrain (Part I)  [PDF version]
Mat Carmody
Knowing What we Like  [PDF version]
Christopher Norris
Does Anybody Know that Anything is So?  [PDF version]
Paul Sperring
The Failure of the Free Will Defence  [PDF version]
Dermot O'Keeffe
Issue 12 (Spring 2006) - download the whole issue here
Meditating with Descartes  [PDF version]
James Hill
Petitionary Prayer  [PDF version]
Peter J King
Understanding the Athenian Fear of Socrates: A Reading of Plato's Apology of Socrates  [PDF version]

William P Kiblinger
Moral Facts  [PDF version]
Paul Sheehy
Sport: Essentially Described  [PDF version]
Martin Bertman
Issue 13 (Autumn 2007)
Matthew Carmody
Dean Machin
Paul Sheehy
Julia Tanner
Issue 14 (Spring 2007)
Peter King
Stephen Grant
Adrian Samuel
Paul Sperring
Issue 15 (Summer 2007)
Mat Carmody and Paul Sheehy
Paul Sperring
Adrian Samuel
Issue 16 (Autumn 2007)
Roy A. Jackson
Stephen Grant
Rebecca Elleray
Issue 17 (Summer 2008)
Keith Crome
Paul Sperring
Adrian Samuel
Issue 18 (Winter 2008)
Mat Carmody
Lisa Grover
Adrian Samuel
Issue 19 (Summer 2009)
Mat Carmody
Stephen Grant
Paul Sheehy